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Degarra is wine and so much more

A part of the world, an attitude towards life, togetherness, to be human, to live and let live, fairness, sustainability, understanding of nature and just good taste for the good and delicious things in life.

Attention, this is not child labor – smiley. These children were visiting Degarra and happy to be experience the vine yard, the storage and the bottling. Wine making as an adventure. The adventure of wine making inspires the old and the young ones.

The address for the winery is:

Put Vrela bb
23000 zadar


About Degarra

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Degarra – What we are made off

Degarra is a small young winery from Zadar that was founded by two friends. Bonterra is their first wine. Bonterra symbolizes “Bonne Terre”, which means good soil from which the grapes for this wine come. They are on the market in a short time and have delighted wine lovers. A high quality dry red from vineyards near Zadar. Declared as an unfiltered blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The name “Degarra” is derived from the French concept “Vin de Garage”, which stands for small, passionate producers of some of the best wines. Their philosophy is based on small productions and focuses on the quality of the final product. And this was a guiding principle in establishing the vision – The Degarra Vision.

Where the cork lives and is looking forward to a new home

Such a talent already

The cork is particularly happy to find a home at Degarra. Being a bouncer for these fine, limited-edition wines is simply a great honor for a cork. The day of moving out to make the inventory, the household of the Degarra bottle available to the wine connoisseur, is part of this job to reveal the good of the bottle.