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Wine: So many details characterize the regional typical taste

To explain the taste of a wine, or what constitutes one’s own special taste, experts talk a lot about soil conditions, special lighting conditions or typical regional vines. A taste-determining point is often not mentioned, as simple as it may seem, the yeast. Many factors influence the taste of a wine and so does the yeast.

From a journal about wines in New Zealand:

During fermentation, the yeast turns the sugar in the grapes into alcohol. But that’s not all: It makes a small but significant contribution to the taste of the fine drop, write scientists from New Zealand in the journal Scientific Reports. In their study, the yeasts from different wine regions produced measurably different scents and aromas after fermentation. The researchers are convinced that this contributes to a large extent to the regional character of a wine. According to their own statement, this is the first study to show this connection.

Wine yeasts are unicellular fungi, i.e. organisms that naturally live on the surface of the grapes. For their study, the researchers collected hundreds of different samples of wine yeast from six regions of New Zealand. During genetic analysis, they found that there are subgroups of yeast that differ noticeably depending on their region of origin. They isolated these and “inoculated” samples of the same grape juice with it in order to make wine from it. They then determined the amount of 39 smell and taste-determining components.


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