Der Degarra ROSÉ - 2019 Wein wine

ROSÉ – 2019

The Degarra ROSÉ – 2019 – 12.5% ABV – DRY is a wine of a fresh, strong taste and a dry finish, typical for the Zadar terroir. This refined rosé is made from a somewhat forgotten indigenous variety: plavina. The final touch is given by a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon. Typically known as a dry wine with characteristic aromas of grapefruit, strawberry, currant, rose and lime, it is a refined and harmonious, distinctly fruity wine with delicate aromas that evoke summer. It stands out with its persistent and intense taste offering a balance combined with pleasant freshness and minerality, and unobtrusive alcohols.

The soft pink colour and a distinctly fruity note suggest pairing this wine with various dishes, primarily goat cheese, raw or rare tuna, risotto, shellfish and seafood, meat carpaccio, tomato sauces and red poultry meat, and a variety of other dishes.

Serve at a temperature of 11 to 14 °C.

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