• Degarra ein guter Wein macht einen guten Mann
    Dalmatien,  Guter Wein,  Norddalmatien,  Pestić,  Šulentić,  Weingut,  Zadar

    Buddy Pestić from Degarra winery: Good wine makes a good man

    Mate Pestić from Zadar in northern Dalmatia, co-owner of the Degarra garage winery, calls himself a construction worker who makes heating elements and, with his friend Dane Šulentić and his wife Dragana, chooses a wine story out of “pure selfishness”. Or the friendship with Dragana was the cause, while the Degarra decision was a completely logical step … Mate and Dragana met by chance, he recalls. It was four years ago, after Mate had spent some time on Fruška Gora, where he met local winemaker Miroslav Kovačević and made friends. “It was immediately after Miroslav joined the wine magnate and bought Iriški Cellars, which took him overnight from 300,000 liters to an…